the Benish Dental Group, we treat gum disease

special services

Reverse Gingival Recession In One Office Visit

The Benish Dental Group delivers same day positive, lasting results, when treating gum disease and gingival recession.  Our office provides  Advanced Regenerative Treatments, reversing the harmful effects of recession.

Reconstructive & Restorative Dentistry For All Ages

Our office provides the highest level of care in a pleasant  professional manner.

Some of our treatments include:

Dental Botox for grinders and clenchers,

Innovative GLO teeth whitening, and Paroex for gum disease. Overlays vs crowns, we believe in preservation of tooth structure. Implants,

SMART technology for removal of old, decayed amalgam fillings.  Our dentists have state-of-the-art facilities located in Eastchester NY.  

Artistic Dental Designers

We create beautiful smiles with cutting edge cosmetic dentistry. Our dentists create  smiles that last with the newest choices of materials and techniques. This has a tremendous positive impact on creating a perfect smile!


Benish Dental Group ---Get 10% off your first dental treatment plan, applies to new patients only.